What Does Recovery Look Like To You?

It may appear like a simple question. But in reality, there isn’t a straightforward answer to it.

What recovery looks like to an alcoholic may vastly differ from that of a paraplegic. Similarly, what ‘wholeness’ is to a person with diabetes may not be the same as that of one stricken with leprosy.

hopeSo when we talk about recovering from mental illnesses, what does it actually mean?

And does it differ between that of sufferers and non-sufferers?

As someone who is in remission from depression (yes, that’s the actual medical term), I define my recovery as:

–       being able to sustain work

–       being able to meet basic social obligations (family, close friends)

–       being part of a larger community (volunteer work, church life)

–       being able to care for myself in terms of diet, sleep, activity, interests

–       having a healthy sense of esteem and independence

–       being able to upkeep a balanced routine

–       a sense of peace and hope

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