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“The best thing about this website is that the articles are mostly written by people whom themselves have gone through challenges living with mental health issues. It is somewhat comforting to know that I am not alone, that what I am feeling is normal.” – Jerlyn

“Thank you for creating this platform! I appreciate your efforts to bring light to a matter that is not well understood.”– Ridzwan

“Tapestry has helped me to understand more about mental health issues in Singapore through their stories and articles that they share over social media. It brings the entire community together to dialogue about mental health issues in an open and friendly environment. Thank you, and continue to do what you’re doing and so much more! – Wai Hong”

“For whatever reasons, mental illness is still considered a taboo topic in today’s society, as if we could catch an “undesirable illness” simply by talking about it.

Well, I’ve always believed in staring our fears head-on and one of the best ways to make our demons less scary is to have frank conversations about whatever scares us.

My deepest admiration goes out to Nicole for starting The Tapestry Project SG. She, along with all the other brave souls who’ve contributed to this movement, are badass demon fighters and bonafide warriors. Reading their truths help me feel less afraid and less alone. We’re in this together. – Vanessa ”

“Thank you for starting this. I’ve been fighting my own battles with depression too. It seems like nobody understands. Somehow it takes a tragic celebrity death to highlight depression as real and something that needs to be talked about. That’s pretty sad. I’ve been struggling on my own, facing my own demons… but now, I’ve come out into the light bit by bit. – Meng”

“Many people in Singapore still treat depression as a taboo and avoid facing the fact that they might have depression. Some even go to the extent of mocking people with depression. I get depressed occasionally and it’s a struggle to get on with the day sometimes.

What you’re doing is amazing, so keep up the good work! I believe one day people will realize that mental illness is just like physical illness and it can be treated with the proper care and treatment. I’ve been recovering one step at a time. I told a few close friends about it and they’ve been supportive. Continue to stay strong Nicole!!! – Lim”

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