What We Do

The Tapestry Project SG is an online magazine / content platform / independent ground-up initiative that highlights personal and professional mental health stories in our community.

We believe that having an interwoven collective of first-person narratives and resources on one platform will equip our readers with integrated information, which makes finding help within the mental health maze empowering, instead of daunting.

Founded by our editor Nicole KayThe Tapestry Project SG was launched in January 2014 and continues to inspire hope and challenge negative stereotypes associated with mental health, illness and recovery today.

By sharing heartfelt, authentic narratives, we wish for our readers to see beyond our statistics, and to recognise that behind every statistic is a real person with a story to tell.

It is our goal to have hope and dignity restored to individuals and families who struggle with what is otherwise an “invisible” illness.

We invite you to join in our cause for mental health advocacy and education. Your story matters.

Why Are Stories Important?


Living with mental illness is often alienating and isolating. Tapestry stories instead bring connection and knit together a community of support and empathy. They also bridge the gap in connecting readers to relevant help and resources in our community.

Education & Empathy

Tapestry stories address the myths of mental illness, encourage dialogue on mental health issues, and honour the incredible lives touched by mental illness. These encourage personal insight and shed light on a topic that is still considered taboo in Singapore.


By giving our readers access to first-person insights, tools, processes, and support systems that are available locally, Tapestry stories empower individuals to lead overcoming lives. We believe that recovery begins with us sharing our stories.

We also receive invitation to provide mental health talks and writing workshops which reach out to tertiary institutions, workplaces and other communities so as to strengthen mental health awareness, education, and recovery.

We value our writers’ work. To share our stories, please kindly credit the author/story contributor and include the line “This article was originally published on The Tapestry Project Singapore”. Thank you!

This is purely a pro bono initiative and we do not seek donations.

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