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Our stories are written for individuals and families who have been touched by mental illness, be it directly through personal experience, or indirectly through supporting a struggling loved one, friend or co-worker.

If you have a passion to dispel ignorance on mental health issues and inspire hope through your story, we welcome you!

Some writing guidelines:

  1. Any mental health topic is welcome! (some ideas: self-care, diagnosis, finances, family, employment, etc.)
  2. Article length max. 500 words.
  3. You must own the original copyright of the article/images you submit, or at least have express written permission for their use.
  4. Let readers know you better–include a 50-word bio of yourself. Using a pseudonym is perfectly acceptable.
  5. The story should not a PR/marketing piece that promotes commercial, institutional, or religious agenda.

In keeping with the spirit of support and understanding, we kindly ask that any content/comment be kept educational, factual, free of biased wording.

This is not a space for rants. We would like our content to remain constructive and encouraging.

As this is a voluntary initiative, there will not be any monetary compensation for contribution of articles to The Tapestry Project SG. However, full credit will be given to you for your material once it is published.

Please note that by submitting your story, you agree to have your work shared publicly and across our social media platforms.

The Tapestry Project SG reserves the right to review, edit and publish submitted articles accordingly to ensure balance and legality.

If you’re keen to share your story, please contact us here or email directly to:
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Hear from you soon!

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