The Black Box: Book Review

Title: The Black Box
Author(s): Chia Xun An
Publisher: Self-published
Year of Publication: 2014
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Reviewed by: Rachel T.

Related Topics: Depression, Mental Health, Treatment, Self Care, Picture Book, Cartoon

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This is a lovely, easy-to-read book that will educate the layman on what depression is.

With the charming pictures of a penguin who has a black box which sometimes opens up and engulfs it in darkness, this is a book that everyone will enjoy.

I bought the book on impulse after a quick flip through it at the bookstore even though I finished reading the story in 5 minutes flat. This is a product of great quality.

There is nothing like that on the local market. We have memoirs of people suffering from mental illnesses, books from the point of view from a caregiver, but nothing quite like this. I like it that the story is created and told in such a way that even young children would be able to understand and identify with the central character.

This is the best book on depression I have ever read and enjoyed. Even though it might be a mere picture book, the story resonates and perhaps pictures really do speak a thousand words. This is definitely one book I can and will read it over and over again.

Connect_Great For (Reviews)Recommended / Good For:

I would recommend The Black Box to young children, older children, adolescents, young adults, more mature ones, and retirees. Everyone basically.

The non-threatening presentation of this picture book will definitely ease anyone into the difficult topic of depression.

Educate_Where To Get (Reviews)Where To Get:

You can grab your copy at $20 from Booktique at City Link Mall, Woods in the Books at Yong Siak Street or order online at

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