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The Fall: Natalie’s Story

Editor's Note: Depression can feel a lot like falling, as Tapestry contributor "Natalie" describes it. "It" is isolating; a never-ending abyss. Her story documents the negative reactions she has faced in her efforts of opening up to those around her.... Continue Reading →

Choosing To Just Be ‘OK’: Serene’s Story

Editor's Note: When I first read this, I felt a pang of heartache for Serene but also a sense of joy and awe at witnessing how love can be such a powerful driving-force for recovery and breakthrough. Here's a bittersweet piece by Serene who... Continue Reading →

Happiness Is

Today is International Happiness Day, and it’s a little ironic that we need a commemorative day to remind us to celebrate happiness. Which begs the question – what is happiness? Multiple books have been written about it. Will Smith starred... Continue Reading →

We’re on Flipboard!

Title says it all :)   Name of Magazine Mental Health: The Tapestry Project Links

Don’t Tell Anyone

Don’t tell anyone, I was once told. I genuinely appreciated that well-meaning piece of advice when I mentioned my struggle with clinical depression to a mentor. It was meant to keep me safe from hurtful comments, from the people that... Continue Reading →

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