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Fighting a Constant War of Anxiety and Depression: Ray’s story

Editor's Note: We often associate depression with quiet, reclusive personalities. But sociable, competitive individuals can experience depression too. Ray's story is a reminder that depression, panic attacks, anxiety can happen to anyone especially under stress. For a fighter like Ray, she truly is young, bold... Continue Reading →

OCD Warrior: Joe’s Story

Editor's Note: For the last 14 years, 'Joe' has coped with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and felt it was time to speak up about such conditions. OCD is highly treatable and can be effectively managed through a combination of medication, psychotherapy, having... Continue Reading →

Coping with Low Energy

Recovery is a full-time gig, complete with victorious highs and crushing lows. And so, going public with my depression does not mean my life is now full of rainbows and sunshine (I do wish!) It also does not mean that... Continue Reading →

Calming The Storm: Angeline’s Story

Editor's Note: Angeline shares what it was like going through panic attacks and anxiety disorder. It made going to work and travelling impossible at one point, but today, she is gainfully employed and has made leaps and bounds in her recovery.... Continue Reading →

Overcoming the Odds: Sufyan’s Story

I first met Sufyan during this year's Singapore Mental Health Conference. As we briefly traded war stories in our battle for sanity, I could fully relate to how it was like being homebound and unemployed due to severe anxiety and panic... Continue Reading →

Down, Down and Up: Erica’s Story

Editor's Note: Work stress can affect us more than we realise, and it can be especially difficult to cope with after a vacation or festive holiday. Our reader, Erica, shares her story on how work stress, along with family and... Continue Reading →

7 Tips to Surviving Festive Gatherings

“I struggle with small talk. I feel that people are judging me for not speaking, and when I do, it’s like they’re judging me based on what I had just said. I wish I didn’t have to go for the... Continue Reading →

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