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Coping with Low Energy

Recovery is a full-time gig, complete with victorious highs and crushing lows. And so, going public with my depression does not mean my life is now full of rainbows and sunshine (I do wish!) It also does not mean that... Continue Reading →

Project Dawn: An Event Story

Editor's Note: It was many months ago when I met Wei Lun and his team. They got in touch with us, wanting to understand more about mental illness in Singapore. It never ceases to amaze me how open and teachable these young people are. Despite... Continue Reading →

Lending Hope: Justina’s Story

Editor's Note: Anxiety is a debilitating condition that can be tricky to explain to non-sufferers. It consists of both cognitive and physiological experiences, such as feelings of intense fear, uncontrollable trembling, cold sweats, dry mouth, heart palpitations etc. Sufferers of anxiety disorders often share... Continue Reading →

When Life and Love Collide: Debra’s Story

Editor's Note: Life events, such as being in significant relationships and switching professions, play a great part in affecting our moods and day-to-day functioning. Having a keen sense of insight and self-awareness, Debra identifies these two major stressors which had led to... Continue Reading →

Of Praise And Platitudes

Socialising has always been a challenge for me. The past four weeks have been remarkably intense due to unavoidable, non-standard gatherings with family and friends, on top of my ad hoc work meetings, and Tapestry related discussions. To say that... Continue Reading →

7 Tips to Surviving Festive Gatherings

“I struggle with small talk. I feel that people are judging me for not speaking, and when I do, it’s like they’re judging me based on what I had just said. I wish I didn’t have to go for the... Continue Reading →

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