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Fighting a Constant War of Anxiety and Depression: Ray’s story

Editor's Note: We often associate depression with quiet, reclusive personalities. But sociable, competitive individuals can experience depression too. Ray's story is a reminder that depression, panic attacks, anxiety can happen to anyone especially under stress. For a fighter like Ray, she truly is young, bold... Continue Reading →

Fighting Enemies: Ritalyn’s Story

Editor's Note: Ritalyn wrote to us to share her journey of recovering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety. It's been a long and winding road, but her efforts have paid off. Having a mental health condition does... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Caught In The Storm–Knowing And Acting When Teens Need Help

by Mel Cheang and Dr Lim Yun Chin Caught in the Storm is a collection of stories about various mental health problems that teens face. They range from issues such as depression and eating disorders, to cutting and suicide. It... Continue Reading →

Making The Best of My Life: Sam’s Story

Editor's Note: Our social interactions and significant relationships can contribute to our sense of self and self-worth.  In Sam's story, she shares what led to her suicide attempt and how she found peace today through owning her personal coping methods. Her story also... Continue Reading →

How Mental Illness Lies: Nicole’s Story

May is a special month for me (it also happens to be Mental Health Month) so I've decided to finally publish what took me 3 months to draft -- my personal story on self-harm and suicide. It was a tough thing for me to... Continue Reading →

Depression Is Like A Vulture: Natalie’s Story

Editor's Note: Our reader, Natalie, shares her struggle with depression and self-harm. Her story reveals that external circumstances at home or at work can potentially become triggers for depressive episodes. It is, therefore, important to equip oneself with effective coping... Continue Reading →

Why I Hurt Myself: Kelly’s Story

Editor's Note: You can only conquer what you confront, and you can only confront what you are able to identify. Kelly had the self-awareness to recognise she had a problem, and found the courage to confront it. Because she received... Continue Reading →

Down, Down and Up: Erica’s Story

Editor's Note: Work stress can affect us more than we realise, and it can be especially difficult to cope with after a vacation or festive holiday. Our reader, Erica, shares her story on how work stress, along with family and... Continue Reading →

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