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Reflections for 2016

If I could have one word that summed up the entire year, it would be "self-care". I haven't been writing much on this site mainly because of some life adjustments (more on that later on). But here I am, giving... Continue Reading →

The Black Box: Book Review

Title: The Black Box Author(s): Chia Xun An Publisher: Self-published Year of Publication: 2014 Image Source: Reviewed by: Rachel T. Related Topics: Depression, Mental Health, Treatment, Self Care, Picture Book, Cartoon Review: This is a lovely, easy-to-read book that... Continue Reading →

Depression Is Like A Vulture: Natalie’s Story

Editor's Note: Our reader, Natalie, shares her struggle with depression and self-harm. Her story reveals that external circumstances at home or at work can potentially become triggers for depressive episodes. It is, therefore, important to equip oneself with effective coping... Continue Reading →

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