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Book Review: Recovered Grace: Schizophrenia

By Harris Ng   This book chronicles the experience the author, Harris Ng, had with schizophrenia. He begins his narrative with his stint in Canada where he began his undergraduate life in Engineering. It was however cut short after he... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Back From The Brink of Insanity

by Dr. Rita Goh This book is an autobiography of the late Dr. Rita Goh and chronicles in great detail her experiences with schizophrenia. The author writes about her relatively normal growing up years all the way up to the... Continue Reading →

Empowering Caregivers: Mary’s Story

Editor's Note: Mental illness is never a personal affair. It affects entire communities, with our nearest and dearest bearing the brunt of responsibility in looking after loved ones undergoing illness and distress. It is therefore vital for caregivers to find support, as they often... Continue Reading →

Peer Specialist on Schizophrenia: Julius’ Story

Update: Julius is currently working as a Peer Support Specialist with IMH. He continues to be an inspiration to many :) Kudos to Julius for boldly sharing his story on our local paper! Looks like the idea of mental health... Continue Reading →

A Chance To Live: Amanda’s Story

Editor's Note: Our reader, Amanda, battles with schizophrenia, and shares her experiences and what treatment was like. She urges others like her to seek help early. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Amanda. We are rooting for your... Continue Reading →

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