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My Stay in “Hougang Chalet”

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, there's still stigma associated with treatment at IMH. And that stigma can impede our chances of recovery. Hear first-hand from our contributor, Victoria, on her experience of what it was like being warded at Institute of Mental Health in... Continue Reading →

Mental Wellness = Emotional Wholeness

"I feel so torn! Do I do what my head tells me or do I follow my heart?" We are often under the impression that our heart and our mind are two separate entities. Warring opposites that constantly jostle for our attention... Continue Reading →

Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

I have been frequently asked on what the difference is, between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. So I thought I might just as well share what I know. To put it simply: A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats... Continue Reading →

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