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From Darkness to Light: Dee’s Story

Editor's Note: Many times we do not realise how far we've come until we turn a page, to look back in reflection. This is why journalling is key to mental health recovery. Dee shares her personal journal entry which was... Continue Reading →

OCD Warrior: Joe’s Story

Editor's Note: For the last 14 years, 'Joe' has coped with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and felt it was time to speak up about such conditions. OCD is highly treatable and can be effectively managed through a combination of medication, psychotherapy, having... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Xun An, author of “The Black Box”

Editor's Note: I absolutely enjoyed meeting Xun An. He's a good-natured guy that enjoys a lame joke or two, but at the same time has a deep philosophical side to him. Introspective, authentic and wise beyond his years. Featuring him in this interview is an... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Stigmatization: Sylvester’s Story

Editor's Note: In this story, Sylvester shares his innermost thoughts on seeking help and treatment for depression, and touches on low self-esteem which has plagued him most of his young life. Previously not understanding the nature of depression, he talks about stigma and... Continue Reading →

The Process of Overcoming: Xicius’ Story

Editor's Note: Words wield the power to hurt, or to heal and bring hope. To Xicius, names are no different. In his story, he shares his experiences with early psychosis, counselling, and medication. His story also highlights that recovery isn't just about positive thinking or... Continue Reading →

My Anxiety; My Recovery

I feel like I’m unravelling. Rapidly. All the ground I’ve gained in the past months seems to be giving way under my feet. I’m falling through the cracks. Holding on. Holding on for dear life. This can’t be happening again.... Continue Reading →

The Tapestry and I: Nicole’s Story

Our lives are made up of stories--ours and others. Within these narratives, we often find an intricate weave of experiences, insights, advice and memories. It is also through these stories, that we discover we are not alone in our life's journey. This knowledge is especially important... Continue Reading →

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