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A Letter to Mental Health Warriors: Judy’s Story

Editor's note: Recovery is a multifaceted process that takes time. I like how our contributor, Judy, mentioned that resilience and recovery are not just about healing, but it is about healing well. In redefining recovery for herself, she also shares... Continue Reading →

Fighting a Constant War of Anxiety and Depression: Ray’s story

Editor's Note: We often associate depression with quiet, reclusive personalities. But sociable, competitive individuals can experience depression too. Ray's story is a reminder that depression, panic attacks, anxiety can happen to anyone especially under stress. For a fighter like Ray, she truly is young, bold... Continue Reading →

Grown and Flourished: Lea’s story

Editor's note: One final inspiring story for the road. I really love Lea's way of conveying her journey. Heartfelt, candid and bittersweet. This is a young person's courage and compassion right there.  Life has never been easy for me. Growing... Continue Reading →

Choosing To Just Be ‘OK’: Serene’s Story

Editor's Note: When I first read this, I felt a pang of heartache for Serene but also a sense of joy and awe at witnessing how love can be such a powerful driving-force for recovery and breakthrough. Here's a bittersweet piece by Serene who... Continue Reading →

Please stop asking if I’ve taken my medicine: Raphael’s Story

Editor's Note: Often times we don't realise that our words can mar our best intentions. Perhaps we ought to pay more attention to our tone and timing when it comes to expressing care towards those around us. Here's a raw account by Raphael on... Continue Reading →

OCD Warrior: Joe’s Story

Editor's Note: For the last 14 years, 'Joe' has coped with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and felt it was time to speak up about such conditions. OCD is highly treatable and can be effectively managed through a combination of medication, psychotherapy, having... Continue Reading →

7 Ways To Support A Loved One: Joy’s Story

Editor's Note: This is a a story on caregiving. Caregivers are an often neglected group when we talk about mental health care. It's never easy looking after someone we love who has a serious illness. It can take its toll... Continue Reading →

The Process of Overcoming: Xicius’ Story

Editor's Note: Words wield the power to hurt, or to heal and bring hope. To Xicius, names are no different. In his story, he shares his experiences with early psychosis, counselling, and medication. His story also highlights that recovery isn't just about positive thinking or... Continue Reading →

Calming The Storm: Angeline’s Story

Editor's Note: Angeline shares what it was like going through panic attacks and anxiety disorder. It made going to work and travelling impossible at one point, but today, she is gainfully employed and has made leaps and bounds in her recovery.... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the Broken: S. Lim’s Story

Editor's Note: When I read this story, I was very moved by its simplicity and honesty. Our contributor eloquently describes her lifelong struggle with persistent sadness, and the factors (nature + nurture) that contributed to seasons of 'heaviness'. It is... Continue Reading →

5 Things About Relapse

First story for 2015! I apologise for being MIA in January. As those with depression and anxiety would know, December and January are the toughest months of the year because it is loaded with stressors mixed in with the merrymaking.... Continue Reading →

Lending Hope: Justina’s Story

Editor's Note: Anxiety is a debilitating condition that can be tricky to explain to non-sufferers. It consists of both cognitive and physiological experiences, such as feelings of intense fear, uncontrollable trembling, cold sweats, dry mouth, heart palpitations etc. Sufferers of anxiety disorders often share... Continue Reading →

How Mental Illness Lies: Nicole’s Story

May is a special month for me (it also happens to be Mental Health Month) so I've decided to finally publish what took me 3 months to draft -- my personal story on self-harm and suicide. It was a tough thing for me to... Continue Reading →

Psychologist or Psychiatrist?

I have been frequently asked on what the difference is, between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. So I thought I might just as well share what I know. To put it simply: A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who treats... Continue Reading →

Discontinuing Psychiatric Medications: What You Need to Know

Discontinuing Psychiatric Medications: What You Need to Know By MARGARITA TARTAKOVSKY, M.S. Many people have a dark view of medication withdrawal. They may have read or heard the scary stories about uncomfortable side effects or come across startling headlines related to... Continue Reading →

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