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major depressive disorder

My Stay in “Hougang Chalet”

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, there's still stigma associated with treatment at IMH. And that stigma can impede our chances of recovery. Hear first-hand from our contributor, Victoria, on her experience of what it was like being warded at Institute of Mental Health in... Continue Reading →

The Fall: Natalie’s Story

Editor's Note: Depression can feel a lot like falling, as Tapestry contributor "Natalie" describes it. "It" is isolating; a never-ending abyss. Her story documents the negative reactions she has faced in her efforts of opening up to those around her.... Continue Reading →

From Darkness to Light: Dee’s Story

Editor's Note: Many times we do not realise how far we've come until we turn a page, to look back in reflection. This is why journalling is key to mental health recovery. Dee shares her personal journal entry which was... Continue Reading →

The Fear of Stigmatization: Sylvester’s Story

Editor's Note: In this story, Sylvester shares his innermost thoughts on seeking help and treatment for depression, and touches on low self-esteem which has plagued him most of his young life. Previously not understanding the nature of depression, he talks about stigma and... Continue Reading →

Coping with Low Energy

Recovery is a full-time gig, complete with victorious highs and crushing lows. And so, going public with my depression does not mean my life is now full of rainbows and sunshine (I do wish!) It also does not mean that... Continue Reading →

When Life and Love Collide: Debra’s Story

Editor's Note: Life events, such as being in significant relationships and switching professions, play a great part in affecting our moods and day-to-day functioning. Having a keen sense of insight and self-awareness, Debra identifies these two major stressors which had led to... Continue Reading →

How Mental Illness Lies: Nicole’s Story

May is a special month for me (it also happens to be Mental Health Month) so I've decided to finally publish what took me 3 months to draft -- my personal story on self-harm and suicide. It was a tough thing for me to... Continue Reading →

Looking On: Angela’s Story

Editor's Note: Amidst the pain of loneliness and stigma that often accompanies mental illness, our reader Angela found comfort in her artwork. A talented artist, Angela has graciously provided one of her pieces to accompany her story on surviving a... Continue Reading →

Depression: The Facts Beyond Sadness

 “There are three things that people tend to confuse: depression, grief and sadness." – Andrew Solomon, author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression There is a significant difference between clinical depression (a.k.a Major Depressive Disorder or Unipolar Depression), and the... Continue Reading →

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