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Choosing To Just Be ‘OK’: Serene’s Story

Editor's Note: When I first read this, I felt a pang of heartache for Serene but also a sense of joy and awe at witnessing how love can be such a powerful driving-force for recovery and breakthrough. Here's a bittersweet piece by Serene who... Continue Reading →

Beautifully Extraordinary: Serene’s Story

Editor's Note: Serene has been a avid supporter of The Tapestry Project and we are so honoured to finally feature her story on our platform! Living with schizoaffective disorder is not easy, and as with all mental illnesses, easily misunderstood. It... Continue Reading →

When Life and Love Collide: Debra’s Story

Editor's Note: Life events, such as being in significant relationships and switching professions, play a great part in affecting our moods and day-to-day functioning. Having a keen sense of insight and self-awareness, Debra identifies these two major stressors which had led to... Continue Reading →

Heart Matters: Ling’s Story

Editor's Note: Good mental health is about embracing who you are, and extending that acceptance to someone else. It is about building a trusted network of meaningful relationships. Our reader, Ling, shares her heart on what it means to love in... Continue Reading →

It’s Valentine’s Day – You Are Loved

Like being trapped in a dense fog, having mental illness makes it especially hard for one to identify and accept help from others. To accept love. What Does Love Look Like? Love can arrive in surprising packages – a kind... Continue Reading →

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