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An interview with the author of ‘David’s Story’: Mary M.

Editor's Note: We do our best to pair our book reviews together with author interviews so that our readers can have a fuller appreciation of the help resources in our community. We are very honoured and grateful to have Mary, the... Continue Reading →

Clinical Psychology in Asia: A Casebook [Tapestry Book Review]

We review mental health related material so that our readers are informed of what resources are available in our community. Here is a book review done by one of our volunteers, Justina. Title: Clinical Psychology in Singapore: An Asian Casebook Editors:... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Xun An, author of “The Black Box”

Editor's Note: I absolutely enjoyed meeting Xun An. He's a good-natured guy that enjoys a lame joke or two, but at the same time has a deep philosophical side to him. Introspective, authentic and wise beyond his years. Featuring him in this interview is an... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Why? When Both My Parents Took Their Lives

By Yin   This book is not explicitly about mental illness but is on a topic closely related--suicide. It therefore is not about the attempted suicide of someone suffering from depression. Rather, it is about a woman whose father committed... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Recovered Grace: Schizophrenia

By Harris Ng   This book chronicles the experience the author, Harris Ng, had with schizophrenia. He begins his narrative with his stint in Canada where he began his undergraduate life in Engineering. It was however cut short after he... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Back From The Brink of Insanity

by Dr. Rita Goh This book is an autobiography of the late Dr. Rita Goh and chronicles in great detail her experiences with schizophrenia. The author writes about her relatively normal growing up years all the way up to the... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Five Little White Pills

by Choo Kah Ying   Five Little White Pills is a beautifully written book by Choo Kai Ying. In it, she describes in detail her struggles with bipolar disorder, which she refers to as manic depression (MD). The first half... Continue Reading →

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