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bipolar disorder

Baking your way to wellness

Can baking relieve mental anguish? It certainly did for social entrepreneur, Pei Rong. We had the honour of participating in Bakery Wellness' first ever baking workshop. It was an eye-opening (and delicious!) experience. But what touched us most was seeing the close pairs... Continue Reading →

My Bipolar Experience: Hieu’s Story

Editor's Note: A very brave piece by Hieu who shares candidly about her journey with bipolar disorder and its challenging symptoms such as delusions, panic attacks and suicidal ideation. She mentions the importance of social inclusion and how her family and friend never gave... Continue Reading →

Please stop asking if I’ve taken my medicine: Raphael’s Story

Editor's Note: Often times we don't realise that our words can mar our best intentions. Perhaps we ought to pay more attention to our tone and timing when it comes to expressing care towards those around us. Here's a raw account by Raphael on... Continue Reading →

Highs + Lows: John’s Story

Editor's Note: This story has a slightly different format from the usual. It is a two-part story reflects both sides of bipolar disorder, with its extreme highs and crashing lows. Step into John's shoes for a while and understand what it was like for... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Five Little White Pills

by Choo Kah Ying   Five Little White Pills is a beautifully written book by Choo Kai Ying. In it, she describes in detail her struggles with bipolar disorder, which she refers to as manic depression (MD). The first half... Continue Reading →

Beauty in the Broken: S. Lim’s Story

Editor's Note: When I read this story, I was very moved by its simplicity and honesty. Our contributor eloquently describes her lifelong struggle with persistent sadness, and the factors (nature + nurture) that contributed to seasons of 'heaviness'. It is... Continue Reading →

Parable Of A Pearl: Celab’s Story

Editor's Note: A story of hope, resilience and self-reflection, contributed by one of our Tapestry readers, Celab, who is recovering from bipolar disorder. The pearl is such an apt metaphor for the recovering mental health sufferer. Indeed, we are all works... Continue Reading →

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