Giving Credit Where Its Due

Dear friends,

It has come to my attention that Tapestry’s content has been replicated on other platforms/media without my permission.

I am happy to share my ideas and content. But it is wrong to pass off my work as your own and earn money from it. This is unethical and constitutes as plagiarism.

To avoid this, just include a line in your post/email/article that credits the source of the content. E.g. “Taken from The Tapestry Project SG”.

credit your content

Please know that the past 10mths of hard work poured into Tapestry has not earned me a single cent, as I intend to keep it non-profit and non-commercial for as long as I’m able to.

I’ve sacrificed my sleep, time, finances, risked burnout and relapse, and revisited painful memories in the process of producing heartfelt, authentic, quality content for The Tapestry Project SG — all for the purpose of bringing light and hope to the many who read it, who need it.

Therefore, it deeply offends me to see people unabashedly profiting from my passion and pain.

So if you come across any uncredited material that resembles content from The Tapestry Project SG, please do let me know. Help protect my work. It is only fair and right.

Thank you so much.

*Plagiarism differs from copyright permissions. Please read our Service User Agreement here.

-Nicole K.

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