Book Review: Caught In The Storm–Knowing And Acting When Teens Need Help

by Mel Cheang and Dr Lim Yun Chin


Caught in the Storm is a collection of stories about various mental health problems that teens face. They range from issues such as depression and eating disorders, to cutting and suicide. It is a rather sobering read as one wades through the myriad of problems young people could potentially face these days.

Written by a psychiatrist and a psychologist, each chapter begins with a sketch of a teen facing one of the abovementioned mental health issue. It ends some practical tips for parents and caregivers and also gives advice on how one can spot signs of these problems before they worsen.

The books ends with one chapter each by the psychiatrist and the psychologist who summarized the issues teens today face with the hope that mental health problems do not have to turn into mental health disorders.

All in all, this book gives rather general advice and those who have delved deeply into issues on mental health might find the content too simple. However, for the layman without much knowledge on these problems, it is a treasure trove of information and would certainly prove helpful.

I would recommend this book to parents and even teens so that they might gain a deeper insight into the common mental health issues that youths face today.

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Reviewed by Rachel T., for The Tapestry Project SG

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