An Overcoming Strength: Jolene C.

Editor’s Note: There’s so much we don’t know about mental health. Here is an enlightening read contributed by assistant psychologist and self-confessed “psych junkie”, Jolene.

Weakened mental health is a deficiency in mental state where we should not disadvantage sufferers and caregivers of the mentally ill to live a life of self-deprecation nor social prejudice. Instead, as a community, we could encourage sufferers to live a healthy lifestyle endowed with self-capabilities.

Waning mental health indicates a deficiency in biochemical constitutions that lead to feelings of dread, loss, sadness, confusion and bewilderment.

During such emotional episodes, it leaves the sufferer to intense disturbances. As much as it is a challenge for their loved ones, the sufferer has limited control over how to contain, suppress or deal with the stressors appropriately.

The first step in conquering these troubling episodes is to accept that professional help is needed to replenish our emotional resources.

When the bearer and their loved ones support each other through appropriate effective treatment, awareness, insight and resilience to cope with the troubling thoughts and negative emotions together as a family, this will lead the bearer and caregiver and members involved to a concerted intention to rebuild their lives.

A realistic expectation on working through the issues together with their supportive community is important.

Patients should work together with a therapist that they can trust, be honest and open with. However, while succumbing certain difficulties, they might have resistant feelings towards certain aspects of their emotional work during therapy. The patient has to be aware whether it’s an emotional hiccup or the relationship is not attuned to their needs.

First, acknowledge small steps in overcoming in strength unifying the love of oneself and the love of those who we care about.

To mental health sufferers, remember:

You are not a victim; you are a Challenger — a Challenger of the norms!

Come forward and stand firmly as a unifying voice to life for living effectively in your community.

Start in the right gear today and summit at your landscape. Steer with directions, with a map in hand. You hold the rights make good choices and to walk away from detrimental consequences.

Jolene C. is a fervent “psychology junkie” who reads up on aspects of the matter. She hopes to contribute to the supportive community of The Tapestry Project with the aim of community building by starting from within our homes; where we can live life cohesively and contribute meaningfully.

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