• To make mental health issues less abstract and more relatable by sharing the stories behind our mental health statistics, so as to encourage empathy and early intervention.
  • To connect with, educate and empower our readers through first-person narratives.
  • To inspire hope through relevant, informative, uplifting content. 



  • To inspire hope, and promote an inclusive, empathetic society that embraces persons with mental health struggles without shame or prejudice.



Authenticity & Accountability

Be real, and be responsible for our personal actions, thoughts and feelings.


Be trustworthy, and committed to excellence.


Have courage to lead by example without self-serving agenda.

Respect & Empathy

Treat others with kindness and understanding.

Collaboration, not Competition

Team up with and support others who share in our goals.

Advocacy & Education

Promote accurate understanding and knowledge of mental health issues.


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