Dear reader,

Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of updates and new stories on our Tapestry website/e-zine. I’ve had a relapse and am taking a break to adjust to new dosages and medication, and generally to regain some sense of normality and function in my life.

I’ve been recuperating by taking baby steps  (therapy has been a lifesaver), but I needed to set aside some commitments for the time being, sadly.

As disruptive as relapse can get, I’ve learnt so much more about myself. And I’m grateful for this season. Nothing is ever wasted as long as we learn something from it.

Right now I’m learning how to take care of “me” and that involves some shifting of priorities. Slowly but surely, I shall regain my stamina and strength, and be back publishing and writing mental health related stories of hope and dignity :)

Secondly, thank you for bearing with my limitations. And for being so supportive and understanding all this while. I feel so very blessed to be a in community of kindness and support. Recovery is so much easier that way. The way to overcome stigma is by being real and authentic about our struggles, and you’ve certainly empowered me to be such. Thank you thank you thank you :)

I’m still regularly updating Tapestry’s Facebook page whenever I am able to. So if you’d like to stay in touch and/or keep updated on events, news and our workshops, or just in need of some uplifting quotes — you’re welcome to come follow us!

Much love and gratitude,