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Over 3,500 readers?! THANK YOU!

Wow, I’m totally blown away.

record highAfter recently publishing my story on suicide, we now have 200 followers on our Facebook Page, followed by a record high of over 3,500 readers — the highest number since January, when we first started The Tapestry Project SG!

It’s a big deal for me because mental illness is such a difficult subject to broach, especially in a somewhat reticent Asian society like Singapore.

Although no money is made through Tapestry, seeing how well received this story was has made me feel rich :) I am deeply encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive responses which absolutely flooded my inbox and phone. This makes all the tears worth it.

Thank you for believing in the work we do at The Tapestry Project SG, and for supporting our cause in mental health education!

We hope to continue sharing personal narratives on mental illness and recovery in a bid to establish a safe community for sufferers, and to demystify mental illness. So spread the word!

Please do send us your thoughts and testimonies [ (at) gmail (dot) com] on how The Tapestry Project SG has impacted your life and what you’d like to see in future posts. 


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